The State of Missouri operates the website Case.net, which lists various kinds of legal activity, criminal and civil, searchable by LITIGANT NAME, FILING DATE, CASE NUMBER, SCHEDULED HEARINGS & TRIALS, or JUDGEMENT.  The service operates under the Missouri Revised Statutes. The public pays for the courts and these are records of cases in those courts. It’s all public information and anyone can use the service.  The service operates Monday to Friday from 6am to 1am.

Criminal cases which have been expunged under a plea agreement may have associated civil cases that were not expunged.  You may have had several drunk driving convictions, enough that the court ordered an ignition interlock installed in your vehicle.  An ignition interlock is a breathalyzer that prevents you from starting your vehicle if you’ve been drinking alcoholic beverages.   But you file a civil suit to get the ignition interlock out of your car.  That wasn’t part of your plea agreement.  The drunk driving convictions won’t show up on Case.net, but the civil suit does.  

You need to know who you’re dealing with these days.  Case.net can alert you to problems.  

For example, there’s CASE NUMBER 060525382. A speeding ticket my father Ralph got on May 5, 2007. Caught exceeding the speed limit by 20 mph or more up around Jefferson City, Missouri. For an old duffer of 79 he was really moving.  Nothing wrong with his foot. He pleaded guilty and paid a fine of $155.50. Ouch!

These are screen shots of that ticket in the Case.net database:

This shot gives my father’s age and address. This establishes with absolute certainty that the case involves my father.


This next shot gives the details and disposition of the case.

So why were my parents here in Springfield? They had sold their house on University Street and had to close on the sale. The Greene County, Missouri Recorder of Deeds website (also public information) shows Ralph V. Chipman was the grantor of a Warranty Deed # 025709-07 to David Pittman made on 21 May 2007 and recorded on 22 May 2007.

And then my parents again left without me knowing that they’d been here—the second time they dumped me. They had probably taken a vacation and routed through Springfield to sign the papers.

There were others involved in the decision(s) to abandon me.  I know who they are.  It’s completely inappropriate to tell someone’s family that it’s OK to abandon them.

The first time I was ditched was in March 2007, when they packed up and left Springfield.  I didn’t know they had gone.  I was angry about it, but my sisters told me it was a one time thing, that my mother had to go along with it, and that my parents were frail—I should get over it.  But that wasn’t the truth, as the above records demonstrate—it was all a sham, it was all deliberate, there was really no reason for me to feel guilty, there was no reason for me to apologize for anything.  It was several years before I learned the truth.  But for my father’s lead foot, the deception could have continued forever.

So I was just stupid.  I didn’t know that my father hated me. I should never have trusted him. I was devastated. Didn’t my mother’s family know that my father hated me? Of course they did.

But there’s one positive aspect: because without my knowledge my parents had slipped out of town twice, they cannot assert any claim of ownership to my records collections. Whatever material of theirs I might have would be a small fraction of the whole and at this point no one could say with certainty what might have been theirs. Anything they may have given to me they twice abandoned. I’m not required to give an account of it to them or anyone else.  If it weren’t for Case.net, I wouldn’t have known about that speeding ticket. The fact that my father got busted releases me from any obligations to my family. Ralph made it clear what he thinks of me and I would not take him back if he’s still alive and capable of communication.

The most important thing here is NEVER give up any of your property in order to make someone “like” you. A lot of people make that mistake.  Once your property is gone, it’s gone, and trying to reclaim it will probably be futile. You will only harm yourself by giving your property away. Another pitfall I avoided is that I didn’t offer my family a piece of my robotics operating system.

It’s beyond immoral to exploit a parent’s hatred for their child. For any reason.  I was subjected to abuse because I had been abandoned.  There’s a special rung in Hell for that.  I’ll never forgive it, and I’ll never take you back.  How could anyone ever trust these people again?  There’s no “side” to abuse.  It was a deliberate campaign of isolation, and isolation is torture: “Keep him isolated and he’ll crack, he’ll give up.”  Lying often accompanies isolation. Lying is intimidating and disruptive.

If you want to check out “Case.net,” click on the link below.  Click on CASE NUMBER and type in “060525382” then click on “Find,” and you’ll see my father’s ticket:


There’s also a permanent link under the “For More Information” section in the right column of the blog.

If Ralph hates me, he hates me. Nobody wants be isolated—it’s either survive it or it will destroy you. Above all, don’t threaten to harm yourself or others.

DON’T ruin your family.  This was completely avoidable.

~ by Jeffrey Thomas Chipman on June 10, 2014.


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