Hezekiah Chipman of North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, & Mississippi

More than 20 years ago, I wrote this sketch about Hezekiah Chipman.  It was part of my book Some Chipman Families Of The Southern States. Recently I received a request for information about Hezekiah Chipman, so I posted it on the “Chipman” message board of Ancestry.com.  I’m posting it here as well.

For some reason, Hezekiah Chipman was enumerated twice in the 1850 Kemper Co., MS census: first in Household No. 349, and second in Household No. 511. The No. 511 entry is difficult to read.

The only correction to this piece is that Hezekiah Chipman didn’t die ca. 1858 in Kemper Co., MS. He’s listed as “H. Chipman” in the 1860 Neshoba Co., MS census, page 48.  

On 1 Jan 1861 he obtained Land Patent No. 41302 in Neshoba Co.


I found the following land grant in Marilyn Davis Barefield’s Old Tuskaloosa Land Office Records & Military Warrants 1821–1855, p. 29, which lists the land as being in Greene Co., AL.  On 8 Sep 1830, Hezekiah Chipman purchased for a nominal fee 79 95/100 acres in Greene Co., AL from the State Of Alabama.  Hezekiah Chipman is the first entry in this page of the Tuscaloosa register.  (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

Using the grant number of 7297, I obtained a copy of the actual land grant.  (Click on the image to enlarge it.)


The will of Elizabeth Lewis of Greene Co., AL, was made 12 Dec 1833 (Greene Co., AL Will Book B, p. 138).  In it, she names the following, in order of appearance:

Joel Lewis:  son

Joel Lewis’s daughter Susan

Joel Lewis’s wife Martha

Charity and Eleanor Chipman:  granddaughters

Regina Cockrel *, Eliza Lay *, and Betsey Chipman:  granddaughters

Thomas and William Chipman:  grandsons

Wade and Achsa Grice:  grandchildren

Elizabeth Chipman:  daughter

Eleanor Price and Charity Parks:  daughters

Thos. Price, Agustus Sadler, and William M. Lewis:  Executors

(* The maiden name of Regina Cockrel is unknown to me.  Eliza Chipman married James M. Lay in Greene Co.)

The names of Hezekiah Chipman’s children by his second wife, Dolly A. Chipman (maiden name reported to be “Bounds”), are to be found in the census records of Kemper Co., MS in 1850 and in Neshoba Co., MS in 1860.



The only child attributed to Hezekiah Chipman in A Chipman Genealogy (1970) is Stephen Manlove Chipman.  Stephen Manlove Chipman lived in IL and wasn’t a son of Hezekiah Chipman, as is evident from the above will.  He was actually a son of Joel Chipman.  The only accurate parts of Hezekiah Chipman’s biography are his date of birth and parents. Everything else is wrong.

Hezekiah Chipman left a trail of records a mile wide.  I’m mystified as to why the true facts of his life and family remained undiscovered for so long.

~ by Jeffrey Thomas Chipman on March 28, 2013.