Washington Chipman, second son of James and Betsy Chipman, first appears in the 1830 Federal census of Bledsoe Co., TN.  With his brothers George Chipman and William Chipman, he moved west to Madison Co., TN.  George and William eventually moved farther west to Lauderdale Co., TN, but Washington Chipman remained in Madison Co.

What happened to James Chipman’s land in Bledsoe Co., TN?  The short answer is that James Chipman had acquired 134 acres in two conveyances, for a total price of $407.50.  However, when better land opened up in West TN, the value of land in Bledsoe Co. fell sharply, so that by 1832, James Chipman’s land was only worth about $112.00.  A deed indicates that James Chipman’s property was sold to land speculator Robert Maitland of New York City, who acted through an attorney in Bledsoe Co.  Although the deed doesn’t state how much the family was paid for the land, it was probably less than its market value of $112.00.  Maitland’s representative must have paid the family cash on the spot. So even though James Chipman had acquired 60 acres of this land for only 12 1/2 cents per acre, taken as a whole, his 134 acres had lost more than 2/3 of its value.

In 1988, my parents located the graves of Washington Chipman and his family in Madison Co.  According to my father’s notes:

“Polaroid photos made Sat.–Sept. 17, 1988 of Providence–United Methodist Church Cemetary tombstones.  Location:  11.5 miles NE of Brownsville on Poplar–Corner Road, (becomes Providence Road) at intersection of Crutchfield & Providence Roads.  … cemetary enclosed by chain-link fence, well maintained & still active.”

(Tombstone of Washington Chipman, 1805–Jan. 14, 1871.)

[Tombstone of Rachel (Clements) Chipman, Aug. 17, 1807–Feb. 27, 1875, wife of Washington Chipman.]

Washington and Rachel (Clements) Chipman had three daughters, two of whom are buried at Providence United Methodist Church Cemetary:

[Tombstone of Elizabeth (Chipman) Jones, Jun 9, 1828–Sep 1, 1861.]

[Tombstone of Margaret (Chipman) Pipkin, Dec. 29, 1838–Feb. 19, 1889.]

Sandstone tombstones commonly used prior to 1900 were susceptible to weathering, and in some cases can become illegible.  I don’t know if these tombstones, 23 years after the photos were taken, are still legible or are even at the site.

1.  Elizabeth Chipman m. John J. Jones on 8 Aug 1846 in Madison Co.  Elizabeth (Chipman) Jones had a daughter Martha who m. G.H. Herbert.  In Washington Chipman’s will, Martha is given an equal share of certain property along with his daughters Margaret and Mary, so it appears Martha was Elizabeth’s only surviving child.

2.  Margaret Chipman m. Chesley Paris Pipkin on 18 May 1854 in Madison Co.  Chesley Paris Pipkin was killed in a sawmill accident on 24 Sep 1881, and is buried in Bells, TN.


John Wesley Pipkin b. 29 Mar 1856; Mary Elizabeth Pipkin b. 18 Apr 1858; William Clark Pipkin b. 27 Oct 1859; Nancy Jane Pipkin b. 1 Jul 1861; James Monroe Pipkin b. 16 Nov 1863; George Washington Pipkin b. 4 May 1865 (d. in infancy); Chesley Parris Pipkin b. 26 Jun 1866.

3.  Mary Chipman (b. ca. 1837–liv. 24 Sep 1870) m. Doctor Burton Pipkin on 16 May 1855 in Madison Co.  Doctor Burton Pipkin wasn’t a physician; “Doctor” was his first name.  The couple lived in Madison and Crockett Cos., TN.


George W. Pipkin b. 1856; Ida Belle Pipkin b. 1860; Elizabeth Jane Pipkin b. 1862 (“Bettye” Pipkin m. James Washington Chipman, son of Washington Chipman’s brother George Chipman); Isaac Pipkin b. 1864; Edwin Henry Pipkin b. 1866; Minerva Pipkin b. 1868.

After the death of Mary (Chipman) Pipkin, Doctor Burton Pipkin married Susie Castellow, and had three children:

John Monroe Pipkin b. 1876; Noah Eva Pipkin b. 1878; Ida Pipkin b. 1880.


Chesley Paris Pipkin and Doctor Burton Pipkin were sons of Phillip and Mary Ann (White) Pipkin.  Chesley Paris Pipkin and Doctor Burton Pipkin served in Co. F, 7th Tennessee Cavalry, CSA during the Civil War.     


(Will of Washington Chipman, Madison Co., TN Will Record A, pp. 108–111.  Transcription by Jeffrey Thomas Chipman.  Will was proved March Term 1871, Minute Book 12, pp. 70–71.)

~ by Jeffrey Thomas Chipman on October 12, 2013.