I obtained these bible records in 1996–-from whom I’m not sure.  The materials as I received them weren’t photocopies of the actual bible, just photocopies of a typescript made from genealogical notes in the bible–-and not very good copies.  Since the typescript itself had no historical value, I transcribed it for ease of reproduction.  This is a verbatim transcript.  It would be useful to know the present location of the bible.

The first nine entries under “Births” are the family of Jonathan and Priscilla (Askew) Hargis.

From (presumably) the same source I received a family goup sheet for Philip B. and Marian W. (Fincher) Hargis, based largely upon the 1850 Shelby Co., TN Federal Census, p. 258, and the 1830 Randolph Co., GA census.  The 1830 Randolph Co., GA census and the 1840 Fayette Co., TN census both show a daughter in an age range who might be Leitha Caroline (Hargis) Miller.  In the 1827 Land Lottery of Georgia, Philip B. Hargis is listed as a resident of Gwinnett Co., drawing for land in Coweta Co. in Whorton’s District No. 160 District 6.

So the order of children is as follows:  P.E. Hargis (dau.) b. 1821; Leitha Caroline Hargis (?); Michajah Hargis b. 1829; Jane Hargis b. 1831; Milledge (Millage) A. Hargis b. 1832; (Philip) Parks Hargis b. 1834; Henry Hargis b. 1839; George Hargis b. 1845.

According to an “IGI” entry, Philip B. Hargis’s middle name was “Burch” and he died in 1858.   I can’t confirm the death date or place, but his middle name was derived from the husband of his aunt Polly Hargis who m. Philip Burch.  Philip and Polly (Hargis) Burch were childless, so Philip’s father Jonathan Hargis named Philip in honor of his brother-in-law.

While the circumstantial evidence indicates Letha Caroline (Hargis) Miller was a daughter of Philip B. Hargis, his family was not the only Hargis family in southwest TN.  However, there’s no evidence Letha was connected to any other Hargis family. 

The Hargis family had a long-standing connection to the section.  Shadrach Hargis, a Captain during the Revolutionary War, NC militia, and grandfather of Philip B. Hargis, obtained a NC land grant for 2100 acres on both sides of the Looshatchie [sic] River on 3 Apr 1783 (the Loosahatchie River flows east to west from Hardeman Co., TN to north of Memphis near Frayser).

Person Co., NC February Court 1816:  Shadrach Hargis, will, dated 24 Jan 1816, which names: wife Nancy Hargis, son Shadrach Hargis, daughter Polly Burch (m. Philip Burch, no known issue), daughter Nancy Hudgins heirs, daughter Jean Blackard (m. Jobe Blackard) heirs, daughter Sally Wagly, son Nathan Hargis (m. Jenne Rimmer), son Jonathan Hargis (m. Priscilla Askew), son William Hargis, daughter Betsy Worsham, daughter Frances Wilson heirs, brother Thomas Hargis,  James Robertson, G. Robertson. Witnesses: James Wilson, Robert H. Cates, James H. Cates.  Shadrach Hargis d. 25 Jan 1816.

[Proof of the Revolutionary War service of Shadrach Hargis is found in the pension application of his brother, William Hargis of White Co., TN:  “He then once more returned to his fathers in Caswell County North Carolina. Where he again volunteered early in the same year Aug 1781, under Captain Shadrick Hargis his eldest brother for three months.  William Moore was his Col.”  (M805, Roll 398, Image 311, File W82, p. 6) William Hargis m. Elizabeth Jay. Click on image to enlarge.]  

Perhaps dissemination of this material will encourage others to take a “whole family” approach in studying the still obscure family of Philip B. and Marian W. (Fincher) Hargis; that is, to trace each of the children of that couple to see what can be learned about Leitha Caroline (Hargis) Miller.  The known facts regarding the children of Philip B. Hargis are appended below the census records. 



Milton Ladd & Mary Reynolds married in Wilks County, No. Carolina on Thurs. Eve. Jan. 24, 1811.  By the Rev. Wm. Tribble

Jonathan Hargis & Priscilla Askew were married Oct. 20, 1796 in N. Carolina by Col. Dickens.

P.B. Hargis & Marion W. Fincher married in Burke Co., Oct. 19 1820 by the Rev. Josiah Askew.

Huriam Miller & Sally Hargis married Mar. 31, 1821 in Burke Co. No. Carolina by David Cathbertson, Esq.

Lewis Stockton & Elizabeth Hargis married Oct. 15, 1822 in N. Carolina by Rev. David Cathbertson (Burke Co.)

Shadrack Hargis & Nancy Ann Cockicham married in Shelby Co., Tenn. on Thurs. Eve. 17th Day of Dec. 1829 by John Ralston, Esq.

Wm. J. Hargis & Martha H. McCarty married Sept. 14, 1869 by the Rev. A.C. Ray.  (Wm. J. & Martha Hargis were the parents of Joe and Edward Hargis, Martha recorded most of the records in the old family Bible & was the one who marked many passages in the Bible as her initials are on many passages throughout.)

Isaac L. Cowan to Martha Emily Hargis in Conway Co., Ark. April 1, 1858 by Rev. J.D. Stockton

J.W. Johnstone & Mary V. Hargis of Pulaski Co., Ark., Mar. 31, 1869 by Rev. A.C. Ray

G. W. Johnstone & P.J. Hargis Dec. 21, 1871 by Rev. A.C. Ray

James A. Hargis & Amanda L. Burns married June 17, 1852 by Rev. J.J. Sommerville in Layett Co. near Bellmont, Tenn.

Andrew Herron & Phebey E. Hargis married Jan. 11, 1833 by L. Ralston, Esq. in Shelby Co., Tenn.

James A. Hargis & Gabrilla Hargis married Mar. 2, 1836 by Parson Dove, on the Miss. River.


Jonathan Hargis born Mar. 4, 1777

Pricilla Hargis born Aug. 29, 1776

Salley Hargis born April 1, 1799

Philip B. Hargis born Feb. 8, 1801

Betsey Hargis born Dec. 3, 1802

Shadrach Hargis born Mar. 6, 1805

Nancy S. (or “L”) born Jan. 4, 1809

James A. Hargis born Feb. 29, 1812

Phebe Ema Hargis born Nov. 6, 1814

Milton Ladd born Aug. 11, 1789

Mary Ladd born Oct.10, 1788

Constantine Ivy Ladd born Oct. 18, 1811

Judith Louisa Ladd born Oct. 24, 1813

Caroline Ladd born Feb. 28, 1815

Gabrilla Hargis born Sept. 16, 1816

John W.L. Hargis born May 17, 1819

Priscilla Jane Hargis born Feb. 10, 1838

Wm. Jonathan Hargis born July 22, 1839

Josiah A. Hargis born Dec. 19, 1840

Martha Emily Hargis born April 5, 1842

Shadrach Fletcher Hargis born Jan. 7, 1844

James Stanford Hargis born June 3, 1846

Mary V. Hargis born July 2, 1848

John Wm. Hargis born Oct. 5, 1842

Dinitia R. Hargis born Oct. 16, 1850

Wm. J. Hargis born July 22, 1859

Martha H. McCarty born Feb. 26, 1851

Wm. Josiah Hargis


Josiah H. Hargis died in the 9th year of his age & was born July 29, 1797

Geo. A. Hargis born April 3, 1808, died at age 2

Priscilla Hargis the wife of J. Hargis died Nov. 21, 1836 age 69 y

P.E. Hearron the wife of A. Hearron died Nov. 22, 1836

P.E. Hargis the daughter of P.B. Hargis died Nov. 23, 1836 age 15 years

Jonathan Hargis died Aug. 14, 1837 age 60 yrs.

John W.L. Hargis died Sept. 27, 1842 age 23 yrs.

Sarah Pernecia Hargis died Friday Sept. 23, 1857

Thomas Taylor Collins Hargis died the 10th day of Dec. 1859 age 1 yr 28 days.

A son was born Nov. 16, 1860 & died Dec. 2nd, age 3 wks, son of J.A. & A.L. Hargis

Ben M. Hargis died Nov. 29, 1867 age 5 yrs. W mo & 26 days.

A.L. Hargis consort of J.A. died May 18, 1868 age 35 years 7 mo. & 27 days.

Shadrack Hargis born 1740, Jan. 4th & died Jan. 25, 1816, age 76

Nancey L. his wife was born April 3, 1743 & died Feb. 1816 age 71.  (Their funeral was preached by Rev. James Claton his text was 1st Chro. 1-9.)

Dinitia R. Hargis departed this life on the 30th day of Oct. 1851 age 1 yr & 14 days

Gabrilla her mother & consort of J.A. Hargis died Oct. 30, 1851 age 35 yrs. 1 mo. 14 days.

Elizabeth Stockton died Sept. 20, 1859

J.S. Hargis died May 21, 1864 age 17 yrs. 11 mo. 3 days.

M.A. Hargis died Nov. 8, 1867 at Lewisburg

Priscilla Jane Johnstone died Nov. 1873 age 35 yrs

Mary V. Johnstone died Mar. 27, 1870 age 21 yrs. 8 mo. 25 days



Observe that in 1830 there are two juvenile females in the household:   one 0-5 and one 5-10.  The female 5-10 is P. Elizabeth Hargis.  The other, aged 0-5, is unidentified, but thought to be Leitha Caroline (Hargis) Miller. 

In 1840 there are also two juvenile females.  P. Elizabeth Hargis, who would have been 15-20, is absent since she died on 23 Nov 1836.  The female 5-10 is Prissa Jane Hargis, born in 1831, and there’s a female 10-15, who is the corollary of the female 0-5 in the 1830 census.

Leitha wouldn’t have appeared in Philip B. Hargis’s household in 1850, since she’d married Howard M. Miller * 20 Jun 1844 in Shelby Co., TN, and was residing next to her (presumed) father in the 1850 Shelby Co. Federal Census. 

Parks Hargis is Philip Parks Hargis, b. 1834; Pvt., Company I, 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles Cavalry, CSA.

(Detail from 1860 Federal Census, Bently Township, Perry Co., AR, p. (7) 227.  “P.P Hargass” is Philip Parks Hargis.  Even simple names like “Hargis” can have spelling variations: Hargis, Hargiss, Hargus, Hargas, Hargass, Harges, etc.  The relationship of Philip Parks Hargis to Joseph F. Erwin is unknown.  Click on image to enlarge.)

Micajah Fincher Hargis, b. ca. 1829, killed 18 Apr 1863  at Clarksville, AR; Pvt., Company B, 4th (Gordon’s) Arkansas Cavalry Regiment, CSA; married on 21 Dec 1854 Cassandra Wofford in Conway Co., AR.  Jas. H. Hargis age 2 and John T. Hargis age 1 in household in 1860.

Henry C. Hargis, d. 26 Dec 1863 at General Hospital in Columbus, GA; Cpl., Company I, 3rd Regiment Arkansas Cavalry, CSA, taken prisoner 8 Oct 1862 at Ripley, MS and paroled; married on 18 Dec 1859 Laura (Laurie) Catherine West in Conway Co., AR.

George Hargis, aged 15, is living with his brother Henry in the 1860 Conway Co., AR Federal Census.

Priscilla (Prissa) Jane Hargis; married Elizander S. (Nute) Skaggs and resided in Conway Co., AR.  (She is not to be confused with the Priscilla Jane Hargis b. 10 Feb 1838 who married George W. Johnstone on 21 Dec 1871 in Madison Co., AR.)  Geo. S. Skaggs age 4 and Benj. F. Skaggs age 2 in household in 1860.

Milledge A. Hargis, b. ca. 1832, d. 8 Nov 1867, Lewisburg, Conway Co., AR; Sgt., Company I, 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles Cavalry, CSA.

[Howard and Leitha Caroline (Hargis) Miller also had a son named Milledge.  The name Milledge was evidently in honor of Georgia governor John Milledge.]

The following notice appeared in the Daily Arkansas Gazette of 17 Nov 1867:

Behind this brief notice is the only direct evidence I’ve found which links the supposed children of Philip B. Hargis to known relationships.  The column states:

“That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family of Bro. Jas. M. Moose, the nearest relatives of our deceased brother [Milage A. Hargis] in this country….”

How was Jas. M. Moose related to Milledge A. Hargis?  The following provides the solution:

James M. Moose “married March 21, 1853, Miss Sophia E. Stockton, a daughter of Lewis and Elizabeth Stockton, natives of North Carolina, and early pioneers to Tennessee, and to Arkansas in 1837.  They resided here till their death, and were substantial and valued citizens.”

Referring to the above bible records, we find that Elizabeth Hargis, daughter of Jonathan and Priscilla (Askew) Hargis, was the sister of Philip B. Hargis.  She married Lewis Stockton 15 Oct 1822.  Their daughter, Sophia Emily Stockton, who married James M. Moose, was thus first cousin to Milledge A. Hargis.  James M. Moose was a prominent cotton farmer in Conway Co., AR.

(1890).  Historical Reminiscences and Biographical Memoirs of Conway County, Arkansas.  Little Rock, AR: Arkansas Historical Publishing, pp. 86–87.

Thus, with the addition of P. Elizabeth Hargis and Letha Hargis, we have accounted for all of the children of Philip B. and Marian (or Mary) W. (Fincher) Hargis.  It appears that Marian (or Mary) W. (Fincher) Hargis was deceased by the time the 1860 Conway Co., AR Federal Census was taken, as she is not listed in the households of any of her children.

The following item supports the assertion that Leitha Caroline (Hargis) Miller was a daughter of Philip B. Hargis, as we find Howard Miller and P.B. (Philip B. Hargis) witnesses to the will of Polly Bennett of Shelby Co., TN, whose identity is unknown to me.”R.B. Hargis” is actually “P.B. Hargis.”

* There was another Miller family in Shelby Co., TN at the same time as Howard M. Miller; however, that Miller family was ethnic German and unconnected to Howard M. Miller.

~ by Jeffrey Thomas Chipman on May 30, 2014.

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