The unCivil War: Tyler Huffman & Newton O. Harkey

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Civil War records can provide a wealth of information.  The first record is part of the pension application for my 2nd great-grandfather Tyler Huffman, who served in the Union army in an Iowa unit.  The second is from the service records belonging to another 2nd great-grandfather, Newton O. Harkey, who fought on the Confederate side in a Missouri unit.

Tyler Huffman’s story was common.  He was with Sherman’s March to the Sea when he was afflicted with scrofula and diarrhea.  The primitive sanitary conditions in an army encampment, and a medical staff little more sophisticated than physicians in the Roman Empire, caused more casualties than enemy fire.


Tyler Huffman portrait, probably ca. 1900.  Photo is available at the Find-A-Grave and websites.  This photo was made from another photo (probably also a copy) that displayed more of his suit, added his name at the bottom, and had been tinted red.  Removing the tint and cropping the photo makes an acceptable image of his face, but it would be better to have a scan of the original, which was shot by a professional.

Above: A snapshot of the Tyler Huffman family, from the 1885 Henry Co., IA State Census, p. 336.  My great-grandmother Effie Viola Huffman is second from bottom.  Her sister Emma J. Huffman, who married John Scarff and raised my grandfather Jesse, is fifth from bottom.  (Click on image to enlarge.)

Above: Grave marker of Tyler Huffman and wife Mary Ann Black at Green Mound cemetery near Trenton, Henry Co., IA.  At the bottom right is a GAR star.

Missouri was divided in loyalty.  Dunklin County, where Newton O. Harkey served, is fertile cotton country, so it’s not surprising it sided with the CSA.

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