BLACKBALLED TO THE SIDE POCKET (how Larry Page met cousin Bettie)


I cannot stress this enough: a genealogical source should be adequately cited so others can locate it.  Many documents in this column can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Some relevant biographical details, including the correct name of his father, can be found in Larry Page’s Wikipedia article:

Left: Jean (Chipman) Crom.  Right: Carl Victor Page.

Taken in Mt. Prospect, Illinois, probably early 1990’s.  They were first cousins.  My grandfather Beecher, who died in 1959, was their uncle.  Carl Victor Page, who died in 1996, was the father of Alphabet CEO Larry Page.  Alphabet is the holding company that owns Google. On his father’s side Carl Victor Page was the second cousin of pin-up icon Bettie Page.  Carl Victor Page’s grandmother was Annie Drucilla Pardue and Bettie Page’s grandmother was Emily Corilla Pardue; Annie Drucilla and Emily Corilla were twin sisters who usually went by their middle names.

The above article appeared in “The Flint Journal” of Flint, Michigan and chronicles Carl and Beverly’s contraction of polio.

Bettie Page, with her trademark black bangs.  Bettie Page achieved stardom in the 1950’s in pin-ups and films.  Since her death in 2008 she has maintained remarkable popularity.

Above: it was the custom in the WWI era to hold large family reunions and sit for a portrait by a professional photographer.  This portrait is of the Page family reunion held ca. 1909 at the home of Henry Horace Page and wife Annie Drucilla Pardue in Union City, Obion Co., Tennessee.  On the L in the middle row beneath the man with the dark coat and tie is Walter Roy Page, father of Bettie Page.  On the R in the back row is Carl Davis Page, grandfather of Larry Page.  To the L of Carl in the dark suit and light tie is Carl’s father Henry Horace Page, and beneath him is Carl’s mother Drucllia.  In the middle of the 2nd row flanked by 2 standing children is Mary Elizabeth (McCaig) (Pardue) Winston, mother of Drucilla and Corilla.  Corilla, mother of Walter Roy Page, is  in the top row to the left of Henry Horace Page holding a child.

Below: Obituary for Carl Victor Page in “The State News” of Michigan State University.  The obituary names his family members: parents Pauline Aquilla Chipman Page and Carl Davis Page; sons Carl Benjamin Page and Lawrence Edward Page; and sister Beverly Budzynski.

The letter below from Jean (Chipman) Crom to my father Ralph Vernon Chipman discusses the funeral of Carl Victor Page.  The letter was evidently a circular, to which she appended a personal note to him.

Above: the LDS church has made an enormous amount of genealogical information, such as this abstract, available online through its FamilySearch website.  An experienced genealogist can locate this sort of material easily.  Of interest here is some data on Carl Victor Page’s extended connections.  Joyce Chipman Barnett was my father’s half-sister.  [Click on image to enlarge.]

The following letter came from Carl Victor Page, father of Larry Page.  It gives some insight into the family.  A lot of advances have been made in documenting the family genealogy since then.  Note the archaic dot-matrix printer.

Next: in this letter, Beverly Ann (Page) (Bertrand) Budzynski, sister to Carl Victor Page, discusses various family members.  “Joyce” is Joyce Elaine (Chipman) Barnett, my father’s half-sister.  “Aunt Ruby” is Ruby (Bohannon) Chipman, wife of Beverly’s uncle Jewell Vester Chipman.  “Aunt Lawcie” is Lawcie Idella (Chipman) Mason.  “Grandpa Chipman” is James Edward Chipman, but according to the marriage record of his parents his mother’s name was Sarah, not Cynthia; evidently she was called Cynthia.  “Delmar Foster” is married to Nell, daughter of Allie May (Oxley) Chipman’s sister Virginia.  “Carl Victor Page” is Beverly’s brother, and “Carl Benjamin Page” and “Lawrence Edward Page” are his sons.  “Paul Page Bertrand” is Beverly’s son.  I can’t vouch for all of Beverly’s dates.

It’s hard to believe that Carl and Beverly’s letters are 30 years old.  They date to the beginning of my research.

Below: photograph of Carl Davis Page with his grandmother Mary Elizabeth (McCaig) (Pardue) Winston.  Notes by Beverly Ann (Page) (Bertrand) Budzynski.

Next: photo, ca. 1930, Senath, Missouri, of Pauline Aquilla Chipman (eventual wife of Carl Davis Page) and her nephew Ralph Vernon Chipman.

Above: high school record for Pauline Aquilla Chipman, Senath High School, Senath, Missouri.

Following: I have a number of letters from Beverly Ann (Page) (Bertrand) Budzynski, aunt of Larry Page.  In the first she mentions her nephews Carl Benjamin Page and Lawrence Edward Page, and her uncle Jewell Vester Chipman.  Some of Beverly’s dates are a little off.  In the second letter she discusses the condition of a family cemetery in Tennessee and mentions her mother, her aunt Aileen, and her brother Carl.

Above: marriage record for Carl Davis Page and Pauline Aquilla Chipman.  At the time Pauline was living with her brother Beecher Edgar Chipman on Foss St. in Flint.

Following is a screenshot of the 1940 Flint, Genesee Co., Michigan federal census, ED 85-132, Sheet 7, showing the Carl Davis Page family:

Here we see Carl Davis Page and wife Aquilla P. (Pauline Aquilla Chipman) with their two children Carl V. (Carl Victor) and Beverly A.  (Beverly Ann).  The census gives Carl Davis Page’s occupation as “Material Loader/Auto Mfgr,” a floor labor position, which may have entailed loading upholstery fabric onto the assembly line.

Below: delayed birth certificate for Carl Davis Page naming his parents as Henry Horace Page and Drucilla Pardue. Delayed birth certificates were filed so that those born prior to their state’s requirement to register births could obtain Social Security benefits.

Above: obituary for Carl Davis Page in “The Jackson Sun” of Madison Co., Tennessee for Sunday, August 11, 1963, p. 7.

Next: grave site for Carl Davis Page and Pauline Aquilla Chipman in Hollywood cemetery, Jackson, Tennessee.

Below: as mentioned in Carl Davis Page’s obituary, he had a brother Luther, whose obituary appeared in “The Jackson Sun” for Sunday, March 20, 1983, p.16.

Above: also mentioned in the obituary for Carl Davis Page is a sister, Aileen Turner, of Flint, Michigan.  Her obituary appeared in “The Jackson Sun” of Saturday, August 6, 1994, p. 6.  According to Luther J. Page’s obituary, she had remarried.  The statement that Charlene Beach of Flint was her sister is incorrect.  Charlene was actually Aileen’s niece, the daughter of Aileen’s sister Mary Emma (Page) Dunbar, as is proved by Mary Emma’s obituary below.  As any experienced genealogist knows, occasionally there are errors in records which have to be corrected.

Below: grave marker for Aileen Loring (Page) (Orr) (Turner) Stanfill, Cotton Grove cemetery, Madison Co., Co., Tennessee.  The grave marker is partially obscured by flowers, but evidently she had a daughter named Kathy.

Following: obituary for Mary Emma (Page) Dunbar, from “The Jackson Sun” of Thursday, May 16, 1963, p.7.  Mary was the wife of Everett Estes Dunbar.  Charlene Beech of Flint, Michigan is named as her daughter.

Below: grave marker for Henry Horace Page and Annie Drucilla Pardue Page, Cotton Grove cemetery, Madison Co., Tennessee.

Following: marriage record, Obion Co., Tennessee, dated April 10, 1898 for Henry Horace Page and Annie Drucilla Pardue.

Above: death certificate for Henry Horace Page, giving his age upon death on August 18, 1932 as 61; and therefore born in 1871, which agrees with his grave marker.  Parents are listed as “J.B. Page” (actually “John D. Page”) and Emily Sullivan.

Above: marriage record, Obion Co., Tennessee for John D. Page and Emily C. Sullivan.  Marriage was performed on July 8, 1872.  Henry Horace Page was born in 1871, so the marriage of his reputed father to his mother was much later.

Below: death certificate for Annie Drucilla (Pardue) Page, wife of Henry Horace Page, listing  death as occurring on February 17, 1948.  Parents are “Jeff Perdue” (actually “Jefferson Davis Pardue”) and “Bettie McCaig” (“Mary Elizabeth McCaig”).  Drucilla was born on December 5, 1876.

Above: obituary for Annie Drucilla (Pardue) Page in “The Jackson Sun” for Tuesday, February 17, 1948, p.2.  Note that the 4th paragraph specifically mentions Carl D. Page of Flint, MI as a son, and Mrs. Corilla Page of Nashville as a sister.  Corilla was Bettie Page’s grandmother.  Son “Henry E.” was known by his middle name “Ellis.”  He died in 1965.  Frank W. Page died in 1950.  Norman R. Page died in 1975.  I was puzzled by the reference to a daughter “Mrs. James Orr” of Newark, New Jersey.

Below: this clipping from “The Jackson Sun” for Thursday, July 3, 1947, p. 3 mentions once again “Mrs. James Orr.”

Above: the mystery is solved by this notice from “The Jackson Sun” for Thursday, January 8, 1942, p. 7.  Apparently this was the much-married Aileen’s first.

Above: death certificate for Drucilla’s sister Emily Corilla (Pardue) Page, grandmother of Bettie Page, also born on December 5, 1876, and therefore Drucilla’s twin.  Informant was Walter Roy Page, father of pin-up queen Bettie Page.

Following: obituary for Emily Corilla (Pardue) Page in “The Jackson Sun” for Thursday, December 23, 1948, p. 9.  The obituary names son Walter R. Page of Nashville, better known as Roy Page.

Following: Walter Roy Page’s obituary from “The Tennessean” of Nashville, dated Tuesday, January 21, 1964, p. 19, which names his parents as John Benton Page and Emily Perdue Page.  Walter Roy Page’s grave marker indicates he was born on April 19, 1896, but his alleged father, John Benton Page, didn’t marry his mother until December 4, 1898.  Betty Page of Nashville is listed among his daughters.  He married as his first wife Edna Pirtle on October 17, 1920 in Madison Co., Tennessee.  After a chaotic marriage they divorced.  His children were all by Edna.  The obituary states he married Louise Weaver in 1946.  The less said of him, the better.  By 1964 Bettie had divorced Armond Walterson and was living in Nashville to pursue a Master’s degree, which she never completed.

This Pardue family, under the spelling “Perdue,” is found in the 1880 Madison Co., Tennessee Federal census, Dist. 13, pp. 2–3, SD 5, ED 98.  The census shows “Ann D.” and “Emerly C.” as daughters, both aged 4.

Above: Emily Corilla (Pardue) Page’s grave marker at Cotton Grove cemetery in Madison Co., Tennessee.  She was the wife of John Benton Page.

Next: marriage record, Obion Co., Tennessee for John Benton Page and Emily Corilla Pardue, dated December 4, 1898.  John D. Page and his son John Benton Page were often confused.

In genealogy, you can never have too much documentation.  Newspapers are an under-utilized source of genealogical information.  They may contain information unavailable elsewhere.  An easy way to get started with newspapers is the website “Chronicling America,” a free database maintained by the Library of Congress.

According to the United States 2010 census, “Page” is #383 in the list of most common surnames; “Chipman” is #6,866.

~ by Jeffrey Thomas Chipman on January 22, 2018.