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1. A Cavalier Attitude: An Essential Primer On Colonial Virginia Genealogy

2. A Chipman Genealogy 1970 (Pull The Plug)

3. A Trail of Tears (Notes On The Daniel Harrison Family Of Lancaster Co., VA)

4. Bend Sinister / Moore Or Less? / Royal Deceits / The World’s Second Oldest Profession / Note About Illegitimate Generations In Medieval Pedigrees / The Royal Bastards / Gary Boyd Roberts’ Broken Ligon & Clarke Lines / Who Gets Gary?

5. Benjamin Standifer’s Revolutionary War Pension Application

6. Black Of Champaign Co., OH & Henry Co., IA / Francis Irons Jeffery & The Marrying Widow / Stafford, Hanawalt, Laman & Rothrock: A Pennsylvania Dutch Revolutionary War Heritage

7. BONA FIDE Some Records Are Vital / Other Records Aren’t, But Might Prove Vital / Moving Pictures

8. Branching Howland (how Ralph met Val)

9. Chipman Of DE; Of Grant Co., KY; Of Scott Co., KY; Of Guilford Co., NC

10. DARPA & Jeff (Enveloping Technology)

11. Dawn Of The Dead: Hitler Murders The Mentally Ill

12. Death In Dunklin County: The Odell Gentry Shooting

13. Delaware Records / Will Of Thomas Chipman (d. 1789) Of Kent Co., Delaware / The Emerson Codicil / Those Delaware Tax Lists

14. Dorothy (Branch) Benton & Her Brother John Battle A Ghost / John Branch & The War Of 1812 / Branch Family History & North Carolina Politics

15. Edward Dale’s Gift To Elizabeth Rogers / William Rogers Obtains A New Patent For The Chetwood Tract

16. Endless Knight: Henry Skipwith, Son Of Alice (Dymoke) Skipwithe & Alice’s Will Made June 29, 1549

17. Family Of Hillary Lillian Vaughan and Jesse Otto (Jeffery) Scarff (maternal grandparents) / with Notices Of Wilcox & McMillen / my Chipman family (a ghostly emulsion)

18. FATE / Dollar Gets A Lot For His Money / By Using The 1880 Census I Discovered My Chipman Family Came From DELAWARE / Kent Co., DELAWARE Probate Papers

19. Fort Blakemore / Will Of Joseph Blakemore / William & Hannah (Blakemore) Duncan Probate Records

20. Gutenberg’s Children: A Desolate English Skipwith Begot a Virginia Son / Fulwar Skipwith Writes Of A Of A Tree With 3 Branches (Newbold, Metheringham, & Prestwould)

21. Handley Chipman’s Thanksgiving & The Chipman Family Of Virginia / The Mayflower Compact & List Of Mayflower Pilgrims Who Died The First Winter / Handley Chipman’s Son Stephen Writes A Family History / The Search For The Origins Of Elder John Chipman

22. Hargis-Ladd Bible / Hargis Census Records / Family Of Philip Burch Hargis And Wife Marian W. Fincher

23. Hezekiah Chipman Of North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, & Mississippi

24. I Resign From The Catholic Church

25. John Chipman Of Pittsylvania Co., VA

26. King Alexander Can’t Get Back In The Saddle / Robert The Bruce Is Handy With A Knife

27. King Dermot Loses His Crown But Strongbow Can’t Lift It / The Lia Fail / Memento Mortimer / A Welsh Pedigree

28. Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu & Zen Too

29. New York Stories (Before The Wall)

30. O Canada! Paul Huffman And Rebecca Crawford Of Halton Co., Ontario / Loyalists Face A Disunited Empire / David Huffman & The Great Dunbar Nebraska Train Wreck Of 1887 / Elizabeth (Finch) Huffman Is Right On

31. Pedigree of Sancha de Ayala wife of Sir Walter Blount: Ancestors of George Washington & Hillary Lillian Vaughan, wife of Jesse Otto Jeffery Scarff of Mount Pleasant, IA and Cheyenne, WY: CASTLLIAN (via Various Noble Houses of Castille) / ETHIOPIAN (via Melendo St. Peter with proof “Lampader” means “St. Peter”) / JEWISH (via Rabbi Solomon et al) / VISIGOTHIC (via Peoples Indigenous to Spain prior to the Berber Invasion) / Sir Henry Skipwith II dies bankrupt in India / with Notes on Blount, Somerville & Griffith

32. Peyton Milton Wilcox Obituary From “Osage Valley Banner” 19 Aug 1880 / Tombstone Of Manervia J. (Duncan) Wilcox.

33. rPAD / Fiddler On The Hoof (The Lost Jews Of Khazaria) / Otto Becomes Great

34. Sir William Blackstone Meets Hening’s “Statutes” / The Disparate Status Of Single & Married Women / Virginia Statutes Supercede English Law (The Probate Process In 17th Century Virginia)

35. Some Harkey Family History (With Notes On Rambo, Bankston, Slayden & Pugh) / A Royal Line in Wales / Harkey Tombstones In Liberty Cemetery At Caruth, Dunklin Co., MO

36. Speak Of The Devil / Dangerous Women / When Adam Delved And Eve Span

37. The Ancestry Of Allie May (OXLEY) Chipman: 3 False Beckwith Royal Lines / Beckwith And Creath Of Cape Girardeau Co., MO / Riddle Of Stoddard Co., MO / Oxley And Faulkner Of Lenoir Co., NC

38. The Andersonville Trial: Lt. Col. N.P. Chipman vs. Captain Henry Wirz

39. The Dill, McCray, & Jeffery Families: From Ohio To Henry County, Iowa / A Land Grant On The Prairie

40. The unCivil War: Tyler Huffman & Newton O. Harkey

41. Thomas Scott Jr., Freemasonry, And Miller Co., MO Politics / Rachel Jane Couldn’t Make The Photo Op

42. Tobacco Road: A Bibliography For Colonial Virginia Genealogical Research

43. Tombstone Blues (Riddle Hill Is Leveled But Gets Back On Its Feet)

44. Washington Chipman Of Madison Co., TN (1805-1871) / James Chipman’s Land In Bledsoe Co., TN

45. Who Did They Think They Were? Pelina (Chipman) Davis Of Haywood Co., TN / William C. Chipman Of St. Francis Co., AR / A Case Study In Bi-Racial Ancestry: Samuel Chipman Of Lauderdale Co., TN

46. Who Do You Think You Are? The Life And Death Of Beecher Edgar Chipman / Beecher Wasn’t A Bounder / Who’s Buried In Jean Chipman’s Tomb?

47. Who Was James Edward Chipman? / William & Milly (Standifer) Chipman’s Family / Cynthia Or Sarah: Who Was James Edward Chipman’s Mother? / Lauderdale Co., TN Tax Lists / Who Were The Wilborns? / Miller Excursus / James Edward Chipman’s Siblings: Cynthia Ann (Chipman) Koonce Of Lauderdale Co., TN & Benjamin Chipman Of Blytheville, AR

48. Will Of Edward Dale (d. 2 Feb 1695/6) / A Spectral Inventory / An Anomalous Clause / How “Femes Covert” And Children May Serve As Executors Of A Will / Dale & Carter’s Matching Deed & The Principle Of Ownership In Colonial VA